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About Us



Founded in 1984 by the Qatari Businessman Ahmad Hassan Al Emadi, Blue Diamond Jewellery is a prestigious emporium within the Blue Diamond group.

Driven by a passion for beauty, innovation and a deep understanding of customers’ needs, Blue Diamond Jewellery present an exquisite collection of both timeless and cutting-edge jewellery designs, predominantly crafted with diamonds and precious stones.

From vision to victory

Rebranded in 2021 under the visionary leadership of the son, Saoud Ahmad Al Emadi, the company has undergone a remarkable transformation gaining a formidable reputation in Doha, boasting two prominent branches in the country’s most prestigious mall. Moreover, it has made a remarkable wave in the Gulf region by becoming the first Qatari company to participate in esteemed international exhibitions.

Sadly, in November 2023, Saoud passed away, leaving behind an incredible legacy that his brother, Rashed Ahmad Al Emadi, is determined to carry forward.

The choice of design

Embarking on global travels scouring for the finest quality diamonds and embracing cutting-edge trends while honoring the culture and traditions —these were the passions that have driven Saoud from the very start. 

With an unwavering commitment to curating the most iconic pieces, Saoud eagerly presented a world of wonders in Blue Diamond Jewelry designs, enchanting ladies with exquisite jewelry that adorns them in sheer beauty.

The legacy of Saoud lives on under Rashed’s stewardship.

The brands

What sets us apart is our exclusive partnership with some of Europe’s most luxurious jewellery brands. These esteemed collaborations ensure that our customers have access to the epitome of opulence and elegance. 

Bijou.Q Italy, Palmyra Gioielli, Carlos Barberis, Luca Carati, Noi Gioielli, Cashmere Italy, Antonellis and Essenza.

Our sourcing team travel the world to find these stones, ensuring your piece of mind, every time.

Where Happiness will Always exist!