Flora Geomatrica Bracelet, 5 Motifs


Bracelet in 18K rose gold, with mother of pearl and diamonds. Engraved with logo and polished surface. Diamond quality G – H color, VS.

Rose Gold : 3.16 g
Diamond(s) : 0.08 Ct
Stone(s) : 5 CT


A re-imagination of our iconic Geometrica line, Geometrica Flora incorporates a hydrangea flower motif to symbolize grace, beauty, and abundance. Each petal of the 6 flowers that encircle the piece is hand carved from mother of pearl to create rich similar motifs adorn the chain giving the piece a coherent feel of luxury.

Measuring your wrist is the best way to calculate the correct bracelet, bangle or cuff size.
To check whether the wrist sizer has been printed accurately,


• Cut out the paper wrist sizer and follow the instructions mentioned below
• Make a horizontal slit across the dotted line under the La Marquise logo
• Wrap the ruler around the circumference of your wrist with the numbered side visible
• Insert the numbered end through the horizontal opening and pull until the ruler
feels comfortable against your skin
• The number that lines up with the edge of the opening is your wrist size in cm

Circumference (cm)Circumference (mm)Bangle SizeOval Bangle Size (mm)
12.25122.51234 x 44
13.19131.91337 x 47
14.13141.31440 x 50
15.07150.71543 x 53
16.02160.21646 x 56
16.94169.41749 x 59