Rose Gold Bangle with Diamonds

  • Brand: CASHMERE
  • Collection: Silk
  • Total weight: 15.74 g
  • Stones:
    RD 0.07 Ct
    PE 0.2 Ct

18 carats rose gold Silk Bangle with Diamonds G color – VS clarity, this bangle effortlessly combines classic and contemporary aesthetics, making it a timeless jewelry that adds refined charm to any ensemble. Whether worn alone for understated glamour or paired with other Silk Collection jewels, it symbolizes the perfect blend of texture and brilliance, elevating your style with a touch of opulence.

Measuring your wrist is the best way to calculate the correct bracelet, bangle or cuff size.
To check whether the wrist sizer has been printed accurately,


• Cut out the paper wrist sizer and follow the instructions mentioned below
• Make a horizontal slit across the dotted line under the La Marquise logo
• Wrap the ruler around the circumference of your wrist with the numbered side visible
• Insert the numbered end through the horizontal opening and pull until the ruler
feels comfortable against your skin
• The number that lines up with the edge of the opening is your wrist size in cm

Circumference (cm)Circumference (mm)Bangle SizeOval Bangle Size (mm)
12.25122.51234 x 44
13.19131.91337 x 47
14.13141.31440 x 50
15.07150.71543 x 53
16.02160.21646 x 56
16.94169.41749 x 59